Vendetta vs Jacaranda


The Vendetta vs Jacaranda story continued with the two teams taking each other on again on Sunday. A top performance was delivered from Jacaranda professional Taimur Nadeem. Vendetta had the better second half to bring the scores closer with Jimmy Wood covering a lot of ground alongside patron Garrie Renucci. On the final bell Jacaranda remained in the lead to win the game.

Petersham Bowl First Round

In the opening game for the 2017 Petersham Bowl The Loafers took on Greenforde Farm. Greenforde Farm played a great game dominating play with Gus Prentice at back with polo manager William Healy. Greenforde farm went on to play the next game of the tournament on Tuesday losing narrowly to Belvedere Consulting 4 goals to 3.

In the other group Vendetta met with Foxtrot Whisky with Vendetta victorious 5 goals to 4. Vendetta played a great match with a strong performance from professional Jimmy Wood controlling his team well.