Double Bett Trophy

Second on Sunday's match list was the Double Bett Trophy. Gary Renucci's Vendetta in their second season took to the field to challenge outside team Aronex Developments for the trophy.

Renucci a fast learner of the sport displayed a new line-up with Pablo Marin, Jimmy Wood and Patrick Teroerde. Vendetta plan to keep a similar line-up for most of the season, so watch this space. Similar to the first game this was a tale of two halves. Marin and Wood worked well in the first half to create a lead for the Vendetta team. Paterson worked the field well though, anticipating plays to keep Aronex Developments in the mix.

Anthony Cup

First up on Sunday was the Anthony Cup. Played between Ventura Pauly and Jet Set. Ventura Pauly had a last minute substitution for Gus Prentice in the form of HPC's polo manager William Healy. The playing field was made up of familiar faces from the club roster with the new addition of Max Stacy the new club horse trainer.

Jet Set got off to a good start taking the lead and racking up several penalty opportunities off the back of indiscipline from Ventura Pauly. Ventura Pauly, the team with a more even spread of handicaps between them did start to find their feet taking the lead early in the second half. From this point on Ventura Pauly finished strongly in the final chukka to take the winners cup.

New faces on the HPC Team

The HPC team has plenty of new faces for the 2017 Season. We would like to welcome onboard Sarah Sinclair as the Club Secretary, she will be helped by Hannah our new administrator for the season. On the equestrian side we have Mikey Goodwill as the Polo Coach and Max Stacey as the club Horse Trainer. Our grounds are in safe hands with Charlie Ham returning as Groundsman after a few seasons working with King Power Polo Team.